Life, Health & Benefits

Life Insurance

A life insurance policy will promptly pay funds to deal with debt, education and lifestyle expenses. We deal with all the major life insurers in Canada. We look for competitive prices and for underwriters who can work with us to provide solutions based on the different health and financial needs of our clients. Our product solutions will fit your budget. We will make sure you understand how the insurance plan works in your own case. Our products are usually cheaper and always more flexible than the mortgage life insurance offered by the Canadian chartered banks.

Life insurance allows a family’s lifestyle to continue “in its own world” after a parent or spouse has died, and proceeds can be used for any number of purposes including:
  • To provide an estate for loved ones
  • To provide continuing income for family and dependents
  • To pay for children’s’ education
  • To pay off a mortgage
  • To pay final expenses, income taxes, probate fees, or other debts
  • As an emergency fund for survivors after the death of an income earner
Life insurance also allows a business to continue, uninterrupted financially, upon the death of a shareholder or key person.
  • As part of a buy-sell agreement;
  • For key person coverage; or
  • To defray capital gains taxes that may be triggered on the death of a shareholder.

Disability & Critical Illness

What would happen to your home, your family, or your business in the event you were unable to earn an income for 3 or 6 months?  A year? The rest of your life? No one wants to leave their loved ones in financial difficulty because they can no longer earn an income and medical expenses can quickly accumulate to unmanageable levels.

Disability and Critical Illness insurance can protect you and your family from such unfortunate circumstances. Current statistics show that 1 in 8 people will suffer a disability that lasts 90 days or more before age 65, in many cases while they are the primary income earner. The financial consequences of a serious illness or disability can often be worse than those of dying suddenly.

  • Disability Insurance pays you a tax free monthly benefit to help meet day to day living expenses and financial obligations while you are disabled. With disability insurance, the benefit will continue to pay until you can return to full or part time work.
  • Critical Illness pays a tax free lump sum benefit in the event you are diagnosed with a critical illness or condition as defined in your policy. Payment is independent of a return to work and can be used for any purpose such as to:
    • Replace earned income that may be reduced or disappear entirely
    • Pay for medical services and treatments that provincial and group plans do not cover
    • Renovate a home to make it wheelchair accessible
    • Allow a healthy spouse to take time off work
    • Travel or put towards anything else you wish

Group Health Benefits

Many believe Group Health plans are available and affordable only to those working in large companies - the truth is that group health plans can be tailored for as few as two people!

A Group Health plan is a great incentive for small or medium size business owners to be able to offer as a benefit to management, employees or their entire company and can be customized to suit virtually any size business, desired coverages and budgets! 

Plans can include any combination of coverages including:
  • Health Care
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Vision Care
  • Dental Care
  • Basic & Optional Additional Life Insurance
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  • Short & Long Term Disability

Our experienced Group Health Benefit experts work with business owners and management to effectively plan and design Group Health plans while helping decision makers ensure the plan remains affordable to both the employer and the employees.

Other Personal Coverages and Services

In addition to the above, we also offer:

  • Travel Insurance - including trip cancellation and emergency medical
  • Individual Health Insurance - including prescription drug & dental coverage for those who are self employed or otherwise not covered under a group plan
  • Long Term Care - for those concerned about care for themselves or a parent, whether at home or in a facility
  • Retirement Planning - Including investment products, RRSP’s and RRIF’s
For more information contact one of our experienced, licensed life and health agents or email and we'll contact you.